About Us

Stridore Sales and Trading Private Limited, UK has been providing services to (major) clients across a range of industries, managing some of the most prestigious projects of recent years, and we are repeatedly selected by clients to provide/ procure projects and business consultancy.

Consultancy services we provide includes;

  1. Export of Goods and Services
  2. Project Directorship
  3. Programme and Project Management
  4. Value Management
  5. Business Consultancy
  6. Service/ Delivery Management
  7. Restaurant Management and Catering consultancy

With professional, multilingual, highly qualified, and experienced engineers and staff, we can provide excellent compliance management services. NO PROJECT IS TOO LARGE OR SMALL FOR US TO MANAGE.

Company Chief Executive and staff have been in the Indian and Russian market for the past 30 years.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of sourcing goods at a very competitive price and completing the contract from beginning till end with superior service.

Part of our service is information. The information we give you is fact – not opinion. It is our responsibility to source the goods, projects, systems to get the ordered goods to you on time, at the agreed price, even if the market situations have changed in the meantime.

In India, our associated company Astri Sales and Services Private Limited, established since 2004, is keeping in trend with the growing potential of Indian market in Space, Technology and IT services and has completed many projects with renowned organisations in India.

- We specialise in export, marketing, distribution, and promotion of exclusive products.

- We can carry out research for you, talk to prospective clients on your behalf, target any bottlenecks which may be hindering your business and we can provide advice on effective strategies helping you to put your company on the international map.

Our mission is to be recognised for the quality of services we provide with integrity, professional skills, and use of unique tools and packaged services. We also endeavour to provide flexible services to the requirement of particular clients or projects on an individual client basis to full on site programme teams.

Let us be the first stop in the process towards internationally marketing your products. Sometimes all you need is another person to listen to your concerns.

We specialise in Russia and India:

Our aim is to introduce Russian and Indian companies who are willing to take the potential cooperation opportunities in establishing contacts and start business relations in various fields.

The growing economic potential of Russia and India is mutually complementary in many respects though our economic ties still do not meet the level of our political partnership. The volume of Russia-India bilateral trade is rather low but it has witnessed a positive growth despite the global financial and economic crisis. Our whole intentions are to bring to the notice of Businessmen of both the countries on the realtime deals, requirement, proposals from various quarters of Trade and Industry. The website is dynamic and will change daily or weekly subject to availability of projects and customers requirement we receive on regular basis.

Knowing the complexities on entering Russian market, we offer a package of services for those who consider expanding their business to Russia” We provide you with all needed information and services in the field of foreign trade, joint venture and joint cooperation projects with Russian companies, to make your market entry successful or to expand your existing business to other cities

We shall conduct in-depth research across your particular industry to help you before advising you with any potential company, We will track the right business partners.

We also provide you with other types of strategic information, to reach the competitive edge in your industry. Our company will strive to be your permanent partner in Russian market, always leading you to success and growth!

When we have an active contract with one company, we don't work with another company in the same field. All our services are paid and provided according to signed contract

SST Pvt Ltd works on various projects. The focus of the company is to understand the requirement of the customers and then identify best possible Manufacturers in different countries.

Active Projects:
  1. Carbon Fibres and related products
  2. Autoclave for Carbon Composite production
  3. Hologram and Products related to Hologram
  4. Aviation related Consultancy
  5. Vacuum and non vacuum Furnaces
  6. Sound Modulators for Acoustic Chambers
  7. Shrouds for Thermo Vacuum Chambers
  8. Mini LNG Plant